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Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts

BELTS & SERVICES, is a brand develop in partnership with the Company ZHEJIANG DOUBLE ARROW RUBBER LTD., located in TongXiang, China and recognized as the second biggest manufacturer plant of conveyor belts worldwide.

  • Multy-Ply Fabric Conveyor Belts (EP) (EP)

  • The general fabric conveyor belt is made of EP, NN or Cotton fabric. The covers of these fabric conveyor belts are made of rubber that is extremely resistant to wear, abrasion and cutting and are used to transport heavy abrasive materials.

    Usage: Fabric conveyor belts are suitable for medium and long distance, heavy load and high speed transportation of materials, which is widely used in coal mines, ports, power plants, quarries, concrete plants, cement plants, metallurgical and chemical industries etc.

  • Cover Grades:

  • Anti-Abrasives: RMA1, RMA2, DIN K, DIN W, DIN X, DIN Y

  • Heat and cold resistant: HT 150, HT 200, HT 400

  • Flame retardant and anti-static: DIN K/FR, DIN S

  • Oil and fat resistant: MOR – HOR

  • Fabric Pipe Conveyor belts: Ø 150 – Ø 850

  • • Steel Cord Conveyor Belts (ST)

  • Usage: Steel cord conveyor belts are suitable for high strength, long distance, and heavy load transportation of materials, which are widely used in coal mines, mines, ports, metallurgy, electricity, chemical industries, etc.

  • Cover Grades:

  • Anti-Abrasives: RMA1, DIN W, DIN X, DIN Y

  • Flame retardant and anti-static: DIN-K/FR – MSHA

  • Breaker: Optionally the steel cord conveyor belts can be manufactured with textile or steel breaker plies to improve impact resistant.

Light Duty Conveyor Belts

Materials: PVC, PU, PE, TPEE, Silicone and Rubber, applicable in various kinds of industries.

Usage: Food, airports, Tabacco, Textile, Paper and print, Wood, Mail, Logistics and others.

Characteristics: Low coefficient of friction, resistant to abrasion, easy to clean.

    Marine Fender Systems

    Marine fender systems for quays, dolphins and vessels.

    • SSP-Type Fender System
    • HSP-Type Fender System
    • STR-Type Fender System
    • TRS-Type Fender System
    • SPneumatic Fender System

      Splicing Kits and Abrasive Resistant Rubber for Pulley Lagging

      We distribute the brand BELTS & SERVICES, Vulcaflex, Nilos, Fusion Sytem Almex USA, we supply cold and hot bonding agents for EP and ST belts, additional rubber for splicing, primers and solvents. We also supply fasteners, staples and clippers for mechanical splicings.

    Distribution and accessories for transport systems

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