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Elevator Bucket Belts are ideal for the vertical transportation of granular, powdery, and small abrasive materials that require belts with high tensile strength and low elongation. The core of these belts can be made with reinforcement in polyester, nylon, cotton, or steel cable combined with covers of rubber resistant to abrasion, impact, and heat resistant.


Bucket elevators belts can use a PVC belt, common in the food and grain industries, or a rubber belt for heavy-duty industrial applications.


Standar specifications (EP/NN)

  • Tensile strength of the belt: 100~2400(kN/m)

  • Available widths: 500~3000m

Standar specifications (ST)

  • Tensile strength of the belt: ST500~ST10000(kN/m)

  • Available widths: 500~3200mm

Application and Markets:

Vertical material transport requiring high strength and low elongation. Elevator bucket belts are primarily used in the mining, cement, metallurgical, chemical industrial, power plants, agriculture (grains/cereals), quarries, and other industries. Feed silos, elevators, grinding operations.


Special Features:

  • High load capacity.

  • Low elongation.

  • High elasticity in steel cables.


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