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Pipe Conveyor belts are an environmentally friendly transport system mainly used for transporting materials that are easily contaminated, such as dust, granular materials, and liquid-like materials. During use, the belt changes its shape from flat to U-shaped and finally to Pipe, enclosing the materials and carrying out a closed transport process. This type of belt also solves numerous problems associated with conventional conveyor systems, such as material spills, limitations regarding steep inclines, and curved routing.

Specifications and technical information:

  • Pipe Conveyor  Belts are available in diameters ranging from 150mm to 900mm with textile reinforcement and steel cord reinforcement.

Application and Markets:
They are used in various industries, including power plants, steel mills, cement plants, refineries, bulk terminals, etc. Transport of iron ore, alumina, petroleum coke, copper, cement, steel, wet ashes, fly ash, sand fertilizers, limestone, etc.


Special Features:

  • They prevent environmental pollution, reduce conveyor length, feature simple design, and eliminate transfer between conveyors.


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